Cala Tabb, a Webster County Farm Bureau member, recently accepted an invitation to attend American Farm Bureau Federation’s October GO Team training.

The special October training session will focus on key-interests-based advocacy.

For some time, advocacy practitioners have excelled in training a diverse set of advocates or stakeholders on how to share their stories with legislators. Without consideration given to the actual legislators being targeted, storytelling in application can fall short, failing to persuade the targeted member of Congress or state legislator. Or, the wrong story can even work against Farm Bureau’s efforts and alienate these target legislative offices.

The key interests-based advocacy concept is an advanced advocate training session, leveraging the benefits of storytelling as a foundation. Key interests-based advocacy uses interactive training techniques to teach advocates how to frame their story for maximum persuasiveness and effective influence.

“We are proud to have a Mississippi representative completing the GO Team training,” Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation President Mike McCormick said. “Have people training in advocacy efforts helps all of our farmers and ranchers in Mississippi. Thank you, Cala, for all you do for Mississippi Farm Bureau.”