The Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation recently submitted a letter to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on behalf of all dairy farmers in Mississippi.

The docket provided the FDA with comments regarding its proposal on modernizing the standards of identity and making sure consumers have accurate information about the food products they consume.

“MFBF calls on FDA to vigorously enforce food standards regarding the labeling of dairy products and prohibits the misleading of nut and plant-based beverage products as ‘milk,'” the letter stated.

Mississippi currently has approximately 70 dairy operations in the state, providing an estimated $26 million value of production to the state’s economy.  As with many states, however, Mississippi has seen a dramatic decline in the number of dairy operations, losing approximately 60 dairies in the last ten years.

“There are three primary reasons Farm Bureau is requesting the FDA to take immediate action on the mislabeling of imitation dairy products,” the letter stated. “First, these products mislead consumers as to the nutritional equivalency of these imitation products. Second, the increasing market share of these imitation products means they are no longer a small ‘niche’ market to be overlooked by regulators.  Third, the labeling framework and enforcement in other countries is more stringent than in the U.S.”

To ready the full letter, visit the link below.

MFBF Letter to FDA