As a rising veterinary student, Rachel Wilson knows the importance of the agriculture industry to not only her life, but those around her. This is why she has made it her mission to communicate and educate younger generations about agriculture throughout her year as Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation’s Ambassador.

“I was raised on a farm and I was raised around agriculture,” Rachel said. “I know how important it was for me in instilling valuable characteristics. I’m concerned that less and less families are getting involved in agriculture, and I hope to help remedy that by helping promote Ag in the Classroom this year.”

Furthermore, Rachel is excited to help the State Women’s Leadership Committee promote the American Farm Bureau Book of the Year, “I wonder why horses wear shoes.”

“The book of the year is a horse book and it actually resembles a veterinary book,” Rachel said. “It goes into great detail about all aspects of horses, whether it be nutrition, clinical care, hoof care, why they have to have horseshoes, so on and so forth, and also has beautiful diagrams and illustrations.  I think it just sparks the curiosity of the younger kids and that gets them more involved.”

Rachel’s interest in becoming a veterinarian began at a young age while showing horses, sheep and cattle in 4-H at her local county livestock shows. When she graduated high school, she began her college career at Mississippi College so she could compete on the equestrian team, but quickly transferred to Mississippi State University to pursue an animal and dairy science degree.

“By the grace of the good Lord, I got into vet school on my first application and was able to start the year after I graduated with my undergraduate degree,” Rachel said. “Right now, my primary focus is large animal veterinary medicine with an emphasis on mixed animal medicine. My passion is large animal medicine, but I hope to work in a mixed animal practice in a rural area of our state when I graduate.”

By doing this, Rachel hopes to have the opportunity to work with farmers and their families on a daily basis.

“I want to go on those farm calls and just talk to them and see how they’re doing, how their family is doing, and help them in whatever aspect they need help with in production,” she said.

Rachel said Farm Bureau has been instrumental in helping her pursue her dream of becoming a veterinarian.

“I wouldn’t have even considered applying to go to vet school if I hadn’t of had my undergraduate paid for, and Farm Bureau was a key component to helping me get school paid for,” she said. “Farm Bureau has helped me get through school and have the agriculture knowledge to give back to the local producers that help me.”

In addition to Farm Bureau, Rachel credits much of her success to her fiancé and his family, her mother, father, sister, grandmother, and many other agricultural organizations like Farm Bureau.

“Above all, I credit the Lord for my success in everything,” she said. “I’m just so overwhelmed and thankful that I’ve gotten to this point.”