Positive changes to the harvest permit law are on the horizon for farmers and ranchers. The Senate Agriculture Committee passed the House version of the bill on Tuesday.

The bill, which will update the current law, clarifies bulk feed as an agriculture product and that wood pellets may also be hauled using a harvest permit.

“This clarification will make life easier for our members when transporting bulk feed and wood pellets,” Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation President Mike McCormick said. “We appreciate the House and Senate’s efforts in making this issue a priority.”

Property Tax Bill 

The Senate Finance Committee passed a bill with a reverse repealer that has a possibility of lowering property taxes on agricultural land on Wednesday. The bill then passed the full Senate on Thursday.

“Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation is supportive of any legislation that reduces property taxes for farmers, ranchers, rural Mississippians, and Farm Bureau members,” McCormick said.

The bill will not go into effect unless more work is put into establishing the details of the bill because it was passed with a reverse repealer. A version of this bill has already passed the full House.

In other news:

  • The full House passed the Senate version of the Fake Meat bill. The bill is now awaiting Gov. Phil Bryant’s signature.
  • The legislature could adjourn early due to the small number of bills left on the legislative calendar. The session is scheduled to end the first week of April, but the legislature could adjourn before the end of March.
  • March 1 was the last day for candidates to qualify to run in the 2019 election. To view the full list of qualifying candidates, click here.