In 1935, the Delta Council was formed to focus on three issues – agriculture research, flooding, and transportation. It brought forth an opportunity for farmers, businessmen, and professions to work together to solve issues and promote the Mississippi Delta.

In 1975, Oxford native, Chip Morgan, began working for the Delta Council with the goal of making a difference. Forty-four years later, it’s safe to say he has left his mark.

“You see people who are passionate about their home and their job and agriculture which is pretty much the Delta’s industry in this state, so it has been pretty easy,” Chip said. “I look around and I’m inspired by what I see in the volunteer civic leadership that surrounds you in this job.”

Throughout his time at the Delta Council, Chip believes the 1987 four lane highway project serves as one of his biggest accomplishments. However, when reflecting in retirement, Chip wishes he could have accomplished more to control flooding in the south Delta.

Over the years, Chip saw many changes in the Delta, but none were bigger than the job market.

“In the Delta, we have over 40,000 jobs in agriculture and those people are not on the farm,” Chip said. “Those are people who are calling on farmers to do business with them.  They are very well paid people and they are very smart people.  They are very challenging people when it comes to taking on big issues and those people who work for those companies – grain elevators, cotton marking firms, things like that – they employ a whole lot of people. You want them around a conference table telling you how to do business.  It’s really exciting, and that is probably one of the (reasons) why I’ve stayed so long.”

Morgan said Farm Bureau was one of the constants during his time with the Delta Council, helping make the most of resources for agriculture and rural stakeholders in Mississippi.

“Hugh Arant was the president of Farm Bureau when I came to work (for the Delta Council),” Chip said. “And throughout every (president’s term), including my good friend, Mike McCormick’s, who I very much appreciated over the last several years, “(I’ve made) some outstanding friends.”

Due to his dedication and time to the agriculture industry, Chip was honored during Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation’s 2018 Annual Convention with the Ag Ambassador award.

“I am deeply honored because Farm Bureau has been our greatest ally and our greatest partner,” he said.