Losing a family member, friend and valuable member of a community serves as one of the most devastating experiences a person can go through. In some instances, this type of pain can be eased by honoring those lost.

The Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation strives to do just that each year by hosting the Gary Langley Memorial Golf Tournament Fundraiser. Gary, a previous YF&R State Committee member, tragically lost his life in a tractor accident while serving on the committee.

The State YF&R Committee strives to accomplish two goals by hosting the fundraiser each year. The fundraiser helps raise money to carry out the mission of educating and preparing our state’s young farmers and ranchers to be stronger agricultural leaders and advocates, as well as celebrates the life and memory of Gary.

The committee hopes hosting this event each year ensures Gary’s years of dedicated service are never forgotten. Gary was an avid outdoorsman who enjoyed helping his father, Dan Langley, on the family farm.

“Together, Gary and I grew beans and cattle on our farm, as a secondary income,” Dan says. “Gary was all boy, and when he wasn’t helping me on the farm, he was either hunting, boating, or fishing.”

Gary was a proud Mississippi State University Alumnus. During his time at MSU, he spent hours on the sidelines of sporting events as an athletic trainer. Dan says this was a fun experience for both of them.

“I really enjoyed going to Starkville to watch him walk the sidelines with the coaches and the players,” Dan says. “He had so much fun during his years there.”

After completing his MSU career, Gary married and began working at a farm supply company. As a secondary income, he continued farming his family’s land. “Gary was just a really good son,” Dan says. “He worked hard and stood right with me all the time.”

Dan speaks for Gary when he says he appreciates the support MFBF has offered their family throughout the years.

“It’s just always been Farm Bureau, you know. We’ve never considered anything else,” Dan says. “Farm Bureau has always been there to help us.”

This year, the fundraiser was held at Halifax Holes in Bolton on a warm summer day.

“We had a great turnout at this year’s event with twelve 3-man teams competing for a variety of prizes,” Samantha Laird, MFBF Region 4 Regional Manager, says. “First-place teams in each round of the tournament received plaques and $600, and second-place teams in each round received plaques and $450.”

The hard work put into hosting this event each year is extensive, Laird says. The YF&R Committee could not do it without the generous support of the sponsors, donors, and participants.

“The committee would like to thank all who helped in making this year’s event a success,” Laird says. “They would also like to extend a very special thank you to MFBF Central Mississippi Vice President Ted Kendall IV for so generously donating the use of Halifax Holes for the event and for his hands-on assistance in helping to make the event run smoothly.”