More than 500 Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation members gathered in Jackson in December to reflect on 2019 at the organization’s Annual Convention.

Eager members had the opportunity to sample MFBF programs, meet staff, and fill up on wonderful food and fellowship with members from cross the state while also taking the time to conduct important business.

“Farm Bureau continues to make an impact on farmers lives, and the Annual Convention allows us to celebrate that, despite how hard 2019 has been for our farmers,” MFBF President Mike McCormick says.

This year, during McCormick’s annual address, he announced MFBF’s theme for 2020, Stronger as One.

Stronger as One symbolizes the adversity the Mississippi agricultural community has faced in the last year, and how despite it all, its people continue to rise together to help their neighbors and communities.

“I know this year has not been easy,” McCormick says. “You have faced innumerable hardships. But, despite these challenges, I am proud to watch how you have risen to the occasion. As we move forward into 2020, I encourage you to continue supporting each other so we may show the world how strong the agricultural community will always be.”

One way MFBF helped encourage members this year is by recognizing several with well-deserved awards.

“The 2019 Annual Convention was one of the best meetings the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation has ever had,” McCormick said. “We were proud to recognize top members in our state for their contributions.”