As farmers and citizens of the south Delta continue to experience flooding from the incomplete Yazoo Backwater Pump Project, the American Farm Bureau Federation has been working with the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation to find members some relief.

On Friday, AFBF President Zippy Duvall recently sent Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Andrew Wheeler a letter requesting the agency reconsider its current veto of the Yazoo Backwater Pump Project or pursue alternative solutions to alleviate the backwater flooding affecting lives, farms and economic activity in the South Delta.

In the letter, Duvall writes, “In the spring of 2019 an estimated 550,000 total acres were completely flooded, which included 225,000 acres of farmland. As of the writing of this letter, there are currently 460,000 acres underwater, including 183,000 acres of farmland. This is a manmade problem and the continued flooding is causing major economic harm to the residents, businesses, and wildlife in these communities.”

This is the second letter Duvall has written to the EPA on behalf of the farmers in the Mississippi South Delta.

To read the entire letter, click here.