The Scott County Farm Bureau annual meeting serves three purposes – to provide membership with a good meal, good information and good fellowship. The 2019 Scott County Farm Bureau annual meeting was held at Roosevelt State Park in Morton.

“We have our annual meeting every year, and let our members know what’s going on with our business,” says David Irby, Scott County Farm Bureau president. “That way, everything is right in the open and our members know the same things we do about our Farm Bureau.”

Irby is in his fourth year as the Scott County Farm Bureau president, and does is extremely serious about keeping his county members up-to-date on all Farm Bureau events and business. During the 2019 Scott County Farm Bureau annual meeting, MFBF Central Vice-President Ted Kendall also gave members a statewide update.

“Becoming a member of Farm Bureau does not only give you the benefits of having Farm Bureau insurance, but it also allows you to be a part of the policy process,” Irby says. “Being a member of Farm Bureau means you have a lot of people who really back what you stand for.”

Josh Slay is a poultry and cattle farmer who serves on the Scott County Farm Bureau Board of Directors. He and his wife, Tori, also serve on the State Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee. In his role, Slay hopes to recruit younger farmers and ranchers to become involved in not only the Scott County Farm Bureau, but the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation, too.

Slay believes the Scott County Farm Bureau annual meeting serves as a good opportunity to hear from those who represent his community at the state Capitol in Jackson.

“This will pretty much be the only time a lot of our farmers will get to hear from any of our state and local politicians because we’re out in the fields during the year,” Slay says. “It’s important to hear how those running for office and those who hold office support farmers and Farm Bureau.”

Scott County Farm Bureau Women’s Chair Anita Webb not only conducts women’s programs throughout the county, but also leads the county by-laws committee. She says making the Scott County Farm Bureau annual meeting a success every year takes a lot of hard work from everyone in the office and Farm Bureau supporters in the community.

“It is a big event,” Webb says. “The staff does a great job here in the county. They work together. The Federation and the insurance agents work really well together, too. I think we have a lot of community based resources that help propel this meeting. The door prizes are huge. Members love the meal and coming to this facility. When you continue committing to building a program, it’s wonderful to see it happen.”