1. Internet connection is required. Log onto https://permits.mdot.ms.gov
  2. Create an account. (You can create your account using your DOT number or you can create a personal account by checking the third option indicating you do not have a DOT number.)
  3. Upload your insurance into the systems for approval by MDOT Permit Office staff.
  4. Once the insurance has been approved you will be able to order the harvest permit. The approved insurance status and expiration date is displayed on the dashboard. (Harvest permits require insurance in the amounts of $300,000.00 – Bodily Injury per Person, $500,000.00, – Per Accident and Property Damage – 100,000.00 Per Accident OR at least $500,000.00 in Umbrella Liability Insurance.)
  5. Process your Harvest Permit.   Hit the “New Permit” button on your dashboard.  Select the permit type “Harvest Permit” from the drop-down options and follow the steps.  (Please make sure you enter your vehicle information correctly.)
  6. Paying for your Harvest Permit. Once you have completed processing the permit return to your shopping cart.  Follow the instructions for paying for the permit.  Once you have paid for your Harvest Permit a receipt along with your Harvest Permit will be faxed or emailed to you depending on the method you chose when setting up your profile.
  8. For more information, please contact the permit office at 601-359-1717