Rain could not damper the patriotism the Grenada County Farm Bureau showed one evening earlier this month. With a large Mississippi National Guard presence in the community, an American Flag Retirement Ceremony seemed to be a perfect idea for honoring those who serve, our veterans, and those who made the ultimate sacrifice for this nation.

“I had never seen it,” Grenada County Farm Bureau Secretary JoAnn Harris said of the ceremony. “We usually always give our flags to the Boy Scouts to retire. I never knew what that actually looked like. I think it was awesome for people to see. I think every county needs to do it.  I think they need to see it. It’s a great opportunity.”

During the Grenada County Farm Bureau Flag Retirement Ceremony, local veterans and current service members helped lower the flag, fold it thirteen times, and place it in the fire. Each step represents the foundations on which our forefathers built this country.

“We are fortunate to have Camp McCain, a National Guard training base, here in Grenada County,” Grenada County Farm Bureau Haley Biddy said. “Even though there’s a lot of local guard members, a lot of other folks from different areas of the state come to Grenada County train. So it’s definitely important for our county and our economy to support the National Guard here in the state.”

What started as a simple legislative reception with a flag ceremony has turned into a special event honoring our country and those who have served this nation. It is also a reminder of what makes Farm Bureau an important part of each community where we work and where we live.

“A lot of people have served our country,” Harris said. “My father (served) during World War II. My little brother was in the Navy. There service means a lot to me. Farm Bureau stands for the farmer, the military, and for the American people.”