Governor Tate Reeves signed two pieces of Farm Bureau supported legislation into law on their deadline day, April 22, 2021.

The Mississippi Infrastructure Investment Act of 2021 (SB 2825)

The five main tenets of the bill are as follows:

  1. The bill moves weight enforcement to the Department of Public Safety from the Department of Transportation.
  2. It increases the fine for hauling in excess of weight allowances.
  3. It creates the Harvest Permit Advisory Council, which includes a representative from the Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation, to review how Mississippi’s harvest permits rate against other states and discuss the need for a harvest permit moving forward.
  4. It increases the tolerance for agriculture hauling, bringing Mississippi in line with neighboring states.
  5. It transfers $89 million to the Emergency Road and Bridge Replacement Fund. A summary of this bill can be found here.

SB 2798

This year, Sen. Joel Carter and Rep. Scott Bounds, chairs of the Senate and House Energy and Public Utilities committees, both filed legislation allowing investor owned electric companies to provide broadband service to its energy customers with the revenue used to reduce energy rates. SB 2798 is now law.

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