AirMedCare - Mississippi Farm Bureau
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Mississippi Farm Bureau has partnered with AirMedCare Network to offer you, as a member, the opportunity to join AirMedCare Network’s Membership Program at a special “members-only” discounted rate!

Membership Fees for Mississippi Farm Bureau Members

$65 – Household – 1 Year Membership

$185 – Household – 3 Year Membership

$300 – Household – 5 Year Membership

$575 – Household – 10 Year Membership

As your local air ambulance, serving area residents from our surrounding bases, Air Evac Lifeteam understands the critical aspect of time in treating medical emergencies. For those of us living in rural America, our recovery can depend on how much time it takes to be transported to emergency medical treatment. Air Evac Lifeteam can cut that transportation time in half.

In the event you are flown by Air Evac Lifeteam for a life or limb-threatening emergency, we will work with your benefits provider to secure payment for your flight. Whatever your benefits provider pays will be considered payment in full. Even with medical insurance, an air medical transport can leave you with unexpected out-of-pocket expenses, burdening your finances & family. As an Air Evac Lifeteam member you will have no out-of-pocket expenses related to your flight if you are flown by Air Evac Lifeteam or any AirMedCare Network participating provider.

Air Evac Lifeteam is a member of the AirMedCare Network, the largest Air Ambulance Membership Network in the United States. An AirMedCare Network membership automatically enrolls you in all provider membership programs, (Air Evac Lifeteam, Med-Trans Air Medical Transport, and REACH Air Medical Services) giving you membership coverage in over 260 locations across 32 states. All AirMedCare Network service providers work cooperatively to provide the highest levels of care for you, your family, and your community.