Discounted Hearing Aids as a Farm Bureau Benefit

Includes free follow-up appointments and free initial hearing tests

ClearValue Hearing is a benefits plan available to the members of the Farm Bureau. Enrollment is completely free of charge and is part of your Farm Bureau membership. Membership is also extended to family members and loved ones of Farm Bureau policy holders.

Included Benefits

  • Referrals to a network of recommended local hearing professionals
  • 60-Day Hearing Aid Trial period for you to test out a new device.
  • Free annual hearing assessment for you and your immediate family
  • Bonus coverage and insurance to replace lost or damaged instruments

To enroll, please go to our website or speak with a live representative, toll-free at 888-439-5775

The ClearValue Hearing Program is partnered with Starkey Hearing Technologies, the only major manufacturer based in the United States. Starkey is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and helps people around the world to hear by inventing and producing cutting edge hearing aids.

Hearing aids available through the partnership program with ClearValue Hearing and Starkey are considerably more advanced than those available through many retail channels, with features including iPhone connectivity, extreme water resistance, and tiny, invisible hearing aids that sit deep in the ear canal.

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