Theft Reward Program

The Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation (MFBF) hereby provides that each individual member of a County Farm Bureau (CFB) who has paid dues to the CFB for the applicable membership year is entitled to the benefit of theft reward to a person that satisfied the requirements herein and to whom it will be paid. Any individual, with the exception of those people excluded in Number 2 of the provisions below, who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person who commits theft, arson, or vandalism against property (incident) belonging to a Farm Bureau member should be a recipient of a $500 reward.

The key provisions to be considered in determining if the reward is to paid are as follows:

  1. The Farm Bureau member whose property is involved must show proof that the reward sign was posted in a conspicuous location at or near the entrance of the property at the time of the incident.
  2. The following persons – if they are the ones providing the information that leads to the arrest and conviction – will not be eligible to receive the monetary reward provided under this benefit: a law enforcement officer or an employee of any Farm Bureau organization or any affiliated company.
  3. Information provided must lead to the arrest and conviction of the party or parties involved.
  4. The Theft Reward must be claimed within six months after conviction. Request forms submitted more than six months after a conviction is made will be rejected.
  5. Supporting documents (such as newspaper clippings, letter from sheriff, copies of court records, etc.) must be attached to the Request Form.
  6. The Regional Manager in the Member’s region will be responsible for further investigation if needed, at the discretion of MFBF.
  7. IMPORTANT: At no time should a commitment be made to the Member by any County Farm Bureau Member or Director, County Farm Bureau Employee, or Independently Contracted Farm Bureau Insurance Agents as to whether or not this benefit will or will not be payable, and any such commitment is invalid.

All of the provisions listed above must be satisfied for the reward to be paid. If more than one person provides information leading to the arrest and conviction, the $500 reward will be divided equally among those eligible, as only one reward will be paid per incident.

For more information about the Theft Reward Program, contact Regional Manager Assistant Linda Lowe at or 601-977-4230.

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