Ag in the Classroom

Mississippi Ag in the Classroom is a school-based program helping students in grades K-12 acquire broader knowledge about agriculture and how it affects their world. The program’s objective is to encourage educators to teach more about our food and fiber system and the critical role of agriculture in our economy and society.

Teachers have the experience and abilities to help our children learn. The classroom is a logical place for them to teach the basic concepts that will improve students’ understanding of agriculture and its role in their lives. The Mississippi Ag in the Classroom program can aid those teachers who are looking for new methods, materials and activities to improve their classroom instruction or make existing courses more interesting. This program provides an exciting new set of experiences for students.

Agriculture is the most important industry in Mississippi. One out of every four jobs in our state depend on agriculture and, of course, everybody eats food and wears clothes. What better method could there be to inform students that agriculture is more than just farming? It is a vast network of people stretching from the supermarket to a scientist’s laboratory.

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