Safety Education

Agriculture is one of the most dangerous occupations known to man. Agricultural workers start at an earlier age, work later in life, work longer hours, and work around dangerous equipment more than most any other occupation. To help combat the rising injury rate in farming, Farm Bureau’s Safety Department presents Safety Education programs to educate people about the dangers associated with agriculture.

Machinery and Shop Safety

50 Minutes
Anyone who works closely with farm equipment
Shows participants a few simple precautions to greatly increase chances of survival

Tractor Safety Clinic

2 hours
Anyone who works closely with farm equipment
Safe tractor operation, fire prevention, first aid

Farm Safety Survey

All farms
Hazardous conditions pointed out, recommendations made to reduce accidents and save lives

Fire Safety

30-45 minutes
Grades K-12, civic clubs
Identifies fire hazards and preventive measures

First Aid and Home Safety

35-45 minutes
Jr. High and up
Preventing falls, burns, poisoning, bleeding and choking. Artificial respiration and farm pond safety

ATV Safety

50 minutes
All ATV riders
Proper use and handling of ATVs

Chainsaw Safety

30 minutes
Chainsaw operators
Proper use of chainsaws – NOT how to cut trees

Fatal Vision Drinking and Driving

Jr. High and up
Drivers’ Ed classes
Fatal Vision goggles and golf carts used on closed course to simulate drinking and driving

Texting and Driving

Jr. High and up
Drivers’ Ed classes
Cell phones and golf carts used on closed course to show dangers of texting and driving

Youth Safety Camp

The Farm Bureau Youth Safety Camp is held each summer. At this four-day camp, kids learn about farm safety, First Aid, ATV safety, tractor and machinery safety, plus they have a lot of fun. The 2019 camp will be held July 15-18.

Youth Safety Camp Flyer

Grain Bin Simulator and Rescue Training

Working with grain bins can be a deadly job. The Grain Bin Simulator is designed to teach anyone in the agricultural field the dangers associated with grain bins and the preliminary steps to take should someone become trapped until emergency responders can arrive. The Rescue Training part of the simulator is designed to teach firefighters and emergency responders the proper procedures for extricating a victim that has become entrapped.

Child Saver Program

Booster Seat for Children

What is more tragic than the loss of life or serious injury to an infant or small child? Car accidents are the leading cause of death for children under five years of age. That is an especially tragic statistic because most of the deaths and serious injuries could be prevented.

Car Seat for Infants

If infants and children had the benefit of a special Child Car Seat each time they travel in a vehicle, the number of deaths and injury could be greatly reduced. That is why Farm Bureau established the Child Saver Program, to make protecting your child as easy for you as possible.

 According to Mississippi law, all children under the age of 4 must be protected by a child passenger restraint device or system.

All children between the ages of 4 and 7 and are less than 4 feet 9 inches tall or weigh less than 65 pounds must be protected by properly using a belt positioning booster seat system.

Image of Farm Bureau Safety Items for Sale

To order any of the above items, contact your county Farm Bureau office.


John Hubbard – Senior Safety Specialist

Benton Moseley – Safety Specialist

Angela Ellis – Department Assistant

For information or scheduling, call 601-977-4242 or 1-800-227-8244 Ext. 4242

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