Several Mississippi legislators are taking action in attempt to legalize industrial hemp in Mississippi.

House Bill 1547, which classifies drugs as controlled substances, was recently amended by the Mississippi House to attempt to legalize industrial hemp in Mississippi.

Following the passage of the amendment in the House, the Senate revised the bill to create a task force to study the impact of industrial hemp in Mississippi. The Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation was listed as a member of the task force.

“At this time, Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation’s members have not created policy for industrial hemp,” MFBF President Mike McCormick said. “If our members create policy, we will use it as a guide while serving on the industrial hemp study task force.”

The bill is currently in conference.

In other news:

  • Phil Bryant signed the fake meat bill into law this week, making Mississippi the second state to pass a law of this nature. This bans the labeling of lab or plant based protein as meat in Mississippi.
  • Bryant also signed the Harvest Permit bill into law.
  • The Senate concurred with the House’s changes to the Landowner Protection Act, sending the bill to Bryant for his signature.