After 26 years of devout service, Terry Norwood, Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation’s Region 2 Regional Manager, decided it was time to pass the torch.

You could say Farm Bureau was ingrained in Norwood at an early age. He grew up watching his father serve at the county level and then as a state board member. Norwood even carries his father’s gold watch, given to him by MFBF for his service decades ago.

A retirement reception was recently held at Sydnei’s Grill in Pontotoc to honor Norwood’s faithful years of service. At the reception, U.S. Congressman Trent Kelly and past MFBF presidents spoke of Norwood’s dedication and commitment to the Federation. Kelly also presented Norwood with a Congressional Record where his name was listed for his years of dedicated service to Mississippi agriculture.

Norwood, a retired schoolteacher and FFA mentor, served as a highly respected individual who worked relentlessly for MFBF throughout his entire career.

“We hired Terry because of his strong agricultural background as well as his prior involvement in Farm Bureau,” said Don Waller, past MFBF president. “He did a great job in his position, and I’m very proud of him.”

Norwood’s traits of dedication, positivity and dependability are notable. The MFBF members and staff knew they could always count on him.

“Terry has dedicated his life to helping the farmers, ranchers and young people of our state. He always did so with a smile and a great personality,” MFBF President Mike McCormick said. “He is a people person, someone that everyone wants to be around. He is going to be truly missed.”

“Terry is so dependable. He was always there to help when I needed him,” added Samantha Laird, Region 4 Regional Manager.

The members of MFBF were just as important to Norwood. Because of this, he worked tirelessly to build trust and strong bonds with members of Region 2 and across the state.

“Terry loves his members, his members love him back and that is all it takes,” former Region 2 Regional Manager Jack Alexander said.

MFBF Region 5 Regional Manager Kevin Brown said Norwood did an outstanding job in contributing to the development and growth of MFBF.

“Terry was a valuable asset to Farm Bureau and to the Mississippi agriculture industry. It was an honor and a privilege to have the opportunity to work with him. I wish him well in his retirement,” Brown said.

With a heavy heart, Norwood leaves the people and the organization that made the last 26 years so special for him.

“I appreciate the opportunity to work for the people and farmers of the state of Mississippi and the Northeast district,” Norwood said. “I am sad because I won’t be around these wonderful people as often, but my road with Farm Bureau certainly doesn’t end here.”