Mississippi Farm Bureau Federation President Mike McCormick recently presented a testimony to the Mississippi River Commission on behalf of the farmers, ranchers and communities in the Yazoo Backwater area and Mississippi batture lands.

In his statement, he discussed the devastating man-made floods that continue to impact these areas and stressed the need for a solution.

“It is past time for the Yazoo Backwater Project to be completed,” McCormick said in this testimony. “We appreciate your efforts to work with the Environmental Protection Agency to find a path forward for the installation of the pumps. It is the only workable solution for the recurring flooding in the South Delta.”

“Beyond the hopes of this short-term relief, I urge the Mississippi River Commission to take immediate action to develop a strategy and plan reducing this level of flooding in the Mississippi batture lands,” he said. “Our farms in this area cannot continue to sustain these losses to their livelihood. I urge the Commission to diligently work towards a solution that will allow these farmers to continue making a living on this highly productive farmland for generations to come. Farm Bureau pledges to support all efforts to address this issue and we look forward to working with the Commission and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in the future.”

To read McCormick’s full testimony, click here.